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Shopify Skincare Brands Lead Lists

Shopify Skincare Brands Lead Lists

Specially collected for Marketing, Ecommerce, SaaS Companies & Service Providers.

  • We provide CSV or Excel Data Sheet.
  • 30+ Data Point for Each Lead.
  • Filter by Store Size, Product Category, Location.
  • Filter by Revenue, Tech Spend & Tech Uses.
  • Filter by Monthly Visitors.
  • Store Leads by Keyword.
  • Human Researched & Verified.
  • Only C-level (CEO/Owner/Founder) Leads.
  • Direct Business Email (
  • No General Email.
  • 100% Deliverable.
  • Delivery within 24 Hours (depends on requirements).
  • Bounce Recovery Guaranteed.

More about this product

Specially collected for Marketing Agency, Ecommerce Agency, SaaS Companies & Service Providers.
Most of the time we are providing lead lists within 24 hours. But it also depends on data requirements for each lead.
The price stated is for per lead basis. But it can be ups and down depending on data requirements for each lead. So don’t hesitate to place your requirements through contact page. We will get back to you within 1 hours.


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